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When I was in Sarawak, I was oddly passionate to go to Kuching. It was fairly unbelievable that I would step my feet there for at least once a month.

 And this is only story out of stories I ever experienced.

It was early of the year and I cried over the phone telling my mom I won’t be home at that moment. Things got messed up and I stayed in my room clinching my knees on the bed, in tears. Life got hard. I could barely get myself together. Then I packed my necessary stuffs, requested Uber and went to Kuching unplanned. My mind was blank and kept buzzing with sad thoughts so I wanted to clear it off. It was time I stayed there for days and roamed around to see few places I’ve never reached beforehand. These memories are as crystal clear as my pair of glasses and more vivid than the memories with my friends at the same exact place last November.

Kuching is absolutely breath-taking, as far I can remember. Paying bucks just to get there was truly a thing and I didn’t mind to spend my mon…