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Here, pictures of a kid peeked from his seat and looked at me.
Today marks the fifth day I’m home. It was a long, dog-tired night journey I had last Thursday. Never in my mind I would come home safe and sound since the weather was unsteady─ I was happier than ever, listened to their voices, entertained my clingy little sister.

My foundation year sucked. Big part of it was ugly and full of tears. It was the worst I’ve ever experienced and I came home to leave everything that hurts me so much behind. All the eye droplets that I had to wipe without anyone around me, all the struggles that I was almost giving up, all the heartbreaks that I need to heal and cure it by myself; all of it was so burdensome for me and made me feel empty. I lamented without anyone heard. I chinned up, calmed my own self, I was alone in my room with dull lights─ as gloomy as my heart.

Halfheartedly, I sent my close friends off the airport. It was so heart-warming to see them waving hands back to me, we exchange…