Friday, December 15, 2017

Common Things to Remember

  • Never procrastinate. Never mend your procrastination and wait till the end of time. Be early, be ready. Finish it before time or at least on time. Don’t crumple all things altogether, later your mind suffers in labyrinth.

  • Tell the truth even if it hurts. Truth is meant to be vicious, clear and straightforward. Don’t make it shady, shadowy and blurry. Just say it, don’t think of the consequences of you telling the real events and don’t lie. If not, you’re in the greatest regret and grow up through it. Disappointment of not grabbing the chances is the worst nightmare. Let it be what it actually is, never add things up.

  • Give affection and kindness. Call your darling ones. Text them. Ask what they’re up to these days. Ask how their days are going. Ask either they’re in good shape or need anything in particular. Show them the attention they need (though they didn’t tell you, give some anyways). Send emojis and build up a joyful, mesmerizing connection between you and him/her. If someone you know pulls a long face, ask away and tell him/her that you’re there for confessions and remind to not bottle emotions up.

  •  Be on time. Don’t be a late comer. Be prepared. Don’t make people awaits. Don’t play with people’s feelings and time.