Thursday, April 5, 2018

My Ways to Stay Productive

If I ask you what's buzzing in your mind while your head sticks firmly to your smartphone reading this entry, can you list them out in 10 femtoseconds? Okay, just joking. I know, I haven't been productive either to be frank, I laid down on my bed and scrolled down my social media account reluctantly without knowing the sole purpose of me being so lazy. How ironic. A dozen of works is still waiting in front of me whilst I'm typing this out but I actually did one thing before I jumped onto my cozy bed. After few days of staying in my room (a sidenote: my room  is the most perfect representation of my life because my things are here and there on the floor, my wardrobe is ajar with unorganized clothes in it), I washed my laundry. Yeay, hats off to me!

I'll share my ways to stay productive, not in accordance actually:

 1. Take a shower. Showers always make me feel so refreshing and ready to flag off my day. Washing my hair with shampoo and conditioner is therapeutic like it instantly helps to loosen up my fibrous mental condition.

 2. Get off your comfort zone, anywhere that makes you screw your time up and you might end up doing nothing. Put or even better shut your phone down and stay away from your bed. Say to yourself, "Ugh, damn this, let's just get started."

 3. Jot down everything you want and need to do and give it a go. Just do it!

4. Spray some perfumes in your room to give a pleasant smell, you might feel so good to do your tasks joyously.

That's all, maybe. Hopefully that'll help you to stay productive! ❤️

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

How's Life Lately

I kicked off my journey in university life especially in degree level quite ordinary. It felt like that usual moment when I hugged, kissed and waved my hands towards my parents before I queued up for immigration check-ups but that time, I stepped in the airbus with dissimilar brand-new vision. My heart pumped rapidly and everything in my mind was "Okay, let's get started and nail this". Now that I'm already in my second semester, I need that motivation to blast off out of my chest, start studying hard and get those high marks. This time somehow, I was too relaxed I didn't studied for my first quiz on Digital Electronics, I got low points. It's one of the subjects that I need to work on and maintain my GPA because I believe, this time won't be the same as previous one.

Living in campus is something with a major difference in totality if it's being compared with living in school dormitory. Things didn't work out the way I wanted them to be here most of the time; I kept telling myself to stop being too visionary with my past successes. Good friends don't come from the tips of your fingers on random useless apps, you find them. Lecturers did talk to me, advised me on stuffs I often overlooked. Doing assignments isn't the most terrifying part but appointing tasks to your members is. Being known in classes is not cool either, I aspire to be as low profile as possible this time. I'm not a timid persona, I'm only exhausted to be someone important in a circle of strangers.

Being hard on myself isn't that difficult. I slap my face with a full power of reality and then I'll be wide awake. I see myself as underappreciated so much before, I pampered me with hell lots of fun, it's terrible. My financial management is undeniably a disappointment that I constantly need money. My laptop broken down, my smartphone too. Life turned upside down in a minute. It sucks, really.

All I can conclude, my life as a whole is in between the tiniest bit of exuberance and the largest scale of pettiness. I survived and still is. I need to start managing myself.

Giving me a soft pat on my shoulder and all the best, lass.

Monday, January 8, 2018

New Year and Promises

I believe it isn't too late to say happy new year to all of you, wherever and whoever you are. People said, "New year, new me." I'm turning 20, thus sweeping off the "teen" behind my age's number. We grow up. Life is too short to be wasted. Hence, set goals. Indeed, for long-term resolutions, start over anually or  even better, be better than what we're in the past. Jot down your goals, be it as simple and trivial.

As for me, to start a day, a week or even a year, I'll set the bar low enough so I'll be able to achieve it. One of my habits is to list out all the tasks I want to do on that particular day. I'm a forgetful person thus if I forget to do crucial parts of my day first, I need to project my mind to retrieve the memories back and of course it's tiresome.

Here is one of my promise. I promise to never take things for granted, ever again.

I need to appreciate small good things that are meant to happen. Most of the time, I always put my head up and admire the shimmering stars that I'll never get the chance to hold them and the blue skies. I forgot, right under my feet are the blooming flowers and fresh grass.

I need to be more thankful, keep saying thanks more than sorry. If I'm late coming to a meet-up or make people waiting for my arrival, instead of saying sorry, I'll thank them for their patience. If I want to walk through the crowd, I'll say thanks to them for moving aside and make a way for me.

With families and friends around me, to start sending loves and hugs wholeheartedly are on my top list, to hate less or maybe not at all; to cherish my life and not get it ruined by petty matters.

I need to see things differently, start changing my perspective, note down all the possible outcomes that might change my life when I'm making a decision. Sort the plans carefully ao I can free my mind from unnecessary stress.

Start your year with gratefulness.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Questions on Rainy Day

I turned my face to the rains. My spectacles were covered with water droplets and my sight became blurry. More often than not, it's always rainy on Tuesdays. It's a sorrowful day, on this particular Tuesday, with a mixture of happiness. The triumph I feel today helps me to heal my heart. This feeling brings me to those questions I have when the puddles are everywhere on the streets and the pathways are half-flooded.

First, is it weird to have a feeling on a friend that stands straight and waits for you when you were left behind, smiles for you when he sees you, gives a kind gesture when he stumbles upon you and when other friends say he likes you in front of him, he looks away and quietly lets out a big smile? Is it unusual for me to actually feel something when someone takes few steps back when he was hidden behind a person so that he can smile at you, tease you when you feel so nervous to make an eye contact?

Second, how would you feel when you expected people not knowing you until they said your name correctly? So, this whole time they simply notice your existence? All this time, all you did was just stay silent and reserved, very shut-mouthed? Isn't that hopelessly sugary? Do you ever feel like you were a scumbag shit to them and you're just relieved it turns the other way round, that beyond your attention, they asked others about the good side of you and get attached to you?

Third, isn't it easy for you to get your heart torn apart when you see your friends cried their eyes out for someone they love? Aren't the feelings so mutual that you can feel the suffer? Isn't love so pure?

Fourth, do you ever think to burst into tears in the middle of downfalls? Do you ever want the eye droplets that run down your cheeks; no one will ever notice? Somehow, at one point, you come to a sense that tears aren't meant to be held and all you want to know is isn't it so satisfying to eventually draw out the desolation that bangs your rib cages, to let the agitation out of your chest?

Fifth, why does it always rain on Tuesdays?

Friday, December 15, 2017

Common Things to Remember

  • Never procrastinate. Never mend your procrastination and wait till the end of time. Be early, be ready. Finish it before time or at least on time. Don’t crumple all things altogether, later your mind suffers in labyrinth.

  • Tell the truth even if it hurts. Truth is meant to be vicious, clear and straightforward. Don’t make it shady, shadowy and blurry. Just say it, don’t think of the consequences of you telling the real events and don’t lie. If not, you’re in the greatest regret and grow up through it. Disappointment of not grabbing the chances is the worst nightmare. Let it be what it actually is, never add things up.

  • Give affection and kindness. Call your darling ones. Text them. Ask what they’re up to these days. Ask how their days are going. Ask either they’re in good shape or need anything in particular. Show them the attention they need (though they didn’t tell you, give some anyways). Send emojis and build up a joyful, mesmerizing connection between you and him/her. If someone you know pulls a long face, ask away and tell him/her that you’re there for confessions and remind to not bottle emotions up.

  •  Be on time. Don’t be a late comer. Be prepared. Don’t make people awaits. Don’t play with people’s feelings and time.